Your Success is Our Success
Since 1948 Bennett Boehning & Clary has been providing prompt, creative legal solutions for our clients.  We aim to hire people whose personality and core values matches with our firm.  For more information on the core values and history of BB&C please review About Us.

To explore the opportunities we have available for experienced attorneys, law students or paralegals and staff, please submit your resume and cover letter as described below.

Experienced Attorneys

BB&C’s attorneys have a strong work ethic coupled with a friendly and personable attitude.  BB&C attorneys understand the importance of their client’s legal issues. Current attorneys at BB&C handle a variety of different areas of law.  In an effort to continue this pattern, BB&C looks for new attorneys with experiences from all walks of life.  These experiences are what shape our attorneys and they are vital in the legal field.

Summer Associates

The Bennett Boehning & Clary summer associate program is designed to give you a taste of what it means to practice law at BB&C.  The program also serves the purpose of getting you acquainted with the individuals that make up BB&C and determining whether your core values and personality align with the core values and personality of the firm. BB&C typically hires law students to work as summer associates.  Summer associate projects consist of working in a broad range of Practice Areas.  Recent projects for summer associates consisted of tasks such as:

  • Real estate research and acquisition
  • Case law research and preparation of memorandums
  • Statute research, such as outlining the rights and duties of shareholders, directors and officers in Indiana Corporations
  • Corporate bylaw analysis compared to the default provisions of the Indiana Business Corporations Law
  • Landlord – Tenant issue research
  • Case briefing
  • Discovery review

Paralegals and Staff

Paralegals and Staff keep Bennett Boehning & Clary running smoothly and play a vital role in the representation of our clients. Just like the attorneys at BB&C, paralegals and staff have a strong work ethic and drive.  The duties of paralegals and staff include drafting legal memorandums, preparing business, real estate, estate planning and litigation documents, preparing correspondence for the attorneys and communicating directly with clients.

Current Openings

We are always looking for high quality people to join our team.  Currently, we have:

  • An opportunity for a transactional and real estate attorney.

If you are interested please submit your resume and cover letter to Kyle B. Mandeville at or by mail to:

Bennett Boehning & Clary LLP, Attn: Kyle B. Mandeville, 415 Columbia Street, Suite 1000, PO Box 469, Lafayette, IN 47902