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Brent E Clary


Brent focused on civil litigation and was active in trial work since the late 1980’s.  Earlier in his career Brent handled business planning and document preparation, estate planning, real estate and the full general practice of law. However, by the late 80’s the call for civil litigation became the center of his practice.  Brent handled cases, jury and non-jury, before more than 50 judges across Indiana.  Just in Tippecanoe County, Brent has tried not only many personal injury jury-trials, but also issues ranging from family law to business and contract law.  He also represented many land owners in jury trial condemnation actions, cases in which governmental agencies have taken land for a public use.  In these cases Brent helped the land owners receive fair compensation for the land taken.  Brent’s jury trial practice took him to courtrooms in more than twenty of Indiana’s other counties and, when client needs required it, he has been special out-of-state counsel in other states. Personal injury litigation was one of Brent’s main interests since his earliest days with the firm. His experience included trials for persons injured in incidents while working along the road, collision victims of all types, persons injured upon business premises, and pedestrians injured while attempting to cross a highway and persons who have been injured or lost their lives in a variety of incidents.  Brent’s clients included individuals, corporations, working folks, professionals, small business people, not-for-profit organizations, rich people, poor people and just about everyone in between.

The firm continues Brent’s litigation tradition after his 2014 retirement through Greg Ball, Kyle Cray, and Kisti Good Risse.